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Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, & Social Impact

The Timeline


SmileyGo was founded in Stanford University by our Founder & CEO Pedro David Espinoza.


SmileyGo received funding and support from Frank E. Baxter, Berkeley Haas Dean Seed Funding, and the Jack Larson Award Grant.


SmileyGo was recognized as a minority owned business by the California Public Utilities Commission.


SmileyGo joined the cohort of SkyDeck– the premier tech accelerator of Berkeley.

Organizations We've Helped

SmileyGo has helped Pan Peru, a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission to empower rural women to become entrepreneurs. Pan Peru was founded in 2004 with its original mission to build libraries in the most remote areas of Peru such as Pampas Grande, Ancash.
SmileyGo has also volunteered in several other nonprofits such as:

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